Direct TV For Total Choice In Programing

Since its inception in nineteen-ninety-four, Direct TV has come a long way to become recognized as the leader in satellite TV programming. Direct TV is the first choice as an alternative to the high cost and monotony of cable service and more and more people are coming to Direct TV every day to join their family of TV viewers.


Their reasons are simple. Satellite TV programming and service from Direct TV is the best deal out there, right now and it will stay that way on into the future. When the team of in house installation experts come to your home, or business they will charge you nothing to connect up to four rooms to satellite TV service. That includes all parts and labor. How much did your cable company charge you to get connected to their service, you were going to pay for any way?

Don’t you think that they took advantage of you when they did it? Of course they did, but where were you to turn? There was no other alternative and they knew it. If it was the typical cable company, they charged you a couple of hundred bucks for a few hours work, then they drove off down the road, falling out of their seat laughing about it. This is precisely why millions of their customers have left them, to join Direct TVs family of TV viewers.

Direct TV knows how to treat its customers and J.D. Power and associates has recognized them for their stellar record in customer service, for the last five years in a row. Direct TVs Total choice series of programming packages are recognized in the industry as some of the most diversely compiled and best priced programming packages available. These expertly compiled programming packages, include the Total Choice Pak, which is an excellent entry level package that brings a wide variety of great programming, in digitized format, for a great bargain price that anyone can afford.

The next level in the Total choice series of programing packages, is the Total Choice Plus package, that adds on more programming and the next level of programming package is the Total Choice Premier package, with even more programming for you to enjoy. Direct TVs Total Choice, entry level package starts you out with a whopping one-hundred and fifty channels of incredible programming. It is the best entry level package available on the market today, for both quantity and quality of programming.


Total Choice Plus adds some thirty-five channels onto the Total Choice package. The Total Choice Premier package is the “mother of all

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